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WATCH: Fearless slender mongoose takes out snouted cobra

The cobra was no match for the fast-footed mongoose with its ninja moves.

Mongooses are famous for their ability to kill cobras and while many believe they are immune to snake venom, it’s not quite true. They can tolerate a certain amount of snake venom, but they’re not completely immune.

This fact didn’t seem to bother this fearless mongoose much. Mongooses might look cute and fluffy, but they can put up a mean fight when push comes to shove.

Alison Sigerson recently shared the most amazing photographs of a mongoose taking on a cobra on the Facebook group, Snakes of Southern Africa. Said Sigerson in the post: “Never have I ever!!! We were privileged enough to witness a Slender Mongoose take out a Snouted Cobra on the S28 on Tuesday morning. Once in a lifetime sighting.”

She also shared some really close-up video footage of the death dance between the mongoose and cobra.

Watch how the battle unfolded below:


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