WATCH: Is this woman the reason the officer was attacked at Eastern Cape Legislature?

The footage shows the legislature officer being ambushed by a woman wearing EFF regalia.

Footage of what may be the reason an Eastern Cape Legislature security official was assaulted on Tuesday has surfaced, showing a barefoot woman run to the security official only to assault him with her heels.

Chaos descended in the Eastern Cape Legislature during Premier Oscar Mabuyane’s state of the province address (Sopa) on Tuesday. Supporters of the EFF who were in the public gallery were understood to have reacted to an order by speaker Helen Sauls-August instructing EFF MPLs to leave the chambers.

Sauls-August ordered security to remove EFF MPLs who refused to leave the house.

Recent footage shows the officer who was attacked by those believed to be EFF members on Tuesday, speaking to EFF members at the legislature.

The officer was dragged and assaulted with helmets for allegedly attacking a woman, a voice said in the initial footage.

The recent footage shows a different turn of events as it shows the officer being caught off-guard by the woman, who clobbered his head with a pair of red heels.

The officer is seen walking after the woman, questioning her reasons.

The initial footage shows the officer being targetting while inside the chambers. People who are believed to be EFF members target the officer claiming he assaulted a woman.

Numerous EFF regalia-wearing parties alleged that the official assaulted a woman, while they stripped and attacked him.

Watch the video below:

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