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WATCH: Tsonga biker asks God to protect him from jealous motorists

'When the bikes make the vum vum sound, my heart too also makes the vum vum sound,' says Poni in his prayer.

An old video of biker Pony, from Assault Biker’s Club in Alexandra, has resurfaced on social media and it is still hilarious. In the video, Pony makes a prayer for protection over all bikers following the death of one of his friends, Lawrence.

Pony makes it clear that he will not stop biking as it is very enjoyable, and only asks that God protects him and his friends, mostly from jealous motorists.

Watch his prayer below:

He says:

“The creator of heaven and earth, we your biker children are here. Bikes that are very beautiful; bikes that are very much expensive; bikes that are really nice; bikes that are very loud. When the bikes make the vum vum sound, my heart too also makes the vum vum sound. Have mercy on us Jehovah, all of us your biker children as we enjoy riding on our bikes.

“Have mercy on us Jehovah, when we raise one wheel, so that we do not fall. Even when we make donuts, people must not get hurt because of the enjoyment of the bike.

“Motorists are jealous of us, Jehovah. Motorists kill us. Cattle kill us. Cattle are a problem to bikers. Please make a boundary for them, make a fence so that they do not come to the roads, because bikes are really nice.

“Bikes are very fast – nothing can compete with them. We pray that you also remove people who like to cross the roads when we are riding our bikes. Help motorists see us on the roads. Also help bikers see the cars on the roads.

“Death is just a stepping stone to an eternal life. Jehovah only You know all this but our hearts are broken because of Lawrence’s death.”


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