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What Twitter thinks Bonang was thinking in this picture

'Bonang looks like she thinks what Trevor thinks she thinks,' says one Twitter user.

AKA posted a few snaps of him, his girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, and Trevor Noah having a chat on Thursday and received the most hilarious comments from social media users.

While some thought the pictures were inspiring as there were three young successful South Africans who were slaying in their respective fields, some couldn’t help but wonder what Bonang may have been thinking judging by the way she was looking at Trevor.

The worst comment was probably that this was “how you look at someone whose book wasn’t recalled for a full refund”.

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To a fan, she looks like she is listening to Trevor and trying to learn as much as she can and engaging in a meaningful conversation with probably one of the people who inspire her, but to others, it seems there were a lot of things going on in the Queen B’s mind.

These were some of the funniest explanations from social media:

“Lol bonang Is listening to English as if she knows it.”

“Bonang sefuna uTrevor yin? Cava the eye contact.”

“Bonang looking at Trevor like you’re next!”

“Bonang looks like she thinks what Trevor thinks she thinks.”

“B all over him via thinking thoughts she thought she thinks.”

“By looking @ she thinks that we think she thinks there’s no thinking.”

“Why does Bonang look like she’s about to stina whoever Trevor is dating?”

“@ : How are you queen b? Bonang : you too how are you? @ : fainted.”

“The way she looking at him thou, let me reserve my comment.”

“She doesn’t look happy, can’t even fake a smile.”

“when you trying to look happy for someone but energy doesn’t lie… That face! B.”

“Tell Bonang to take notes on how to write a book apho ku Trevor.”

“I hope she didn’t think that Trevor thinks she thinks she thought he thinks that.”


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