Woman on trial for murder of her newborn

The accused was travelling with others from work in a taxi when the incident occurred.

A 29-year-old woman is currently on trial at the Randburg Magistrates Court for allegedly murdering her newborn baby, the Randburg Sun has reported.

The state is alleging that Sibusisiwe Ndlovu killed her newborn by stabbing the child with a sharp object.

On 24 May, the case was on the court roll for further evidence and Monalisa Sibanda took the stand as a witness. She told the court she was with the accused woman on that fateful day when the baby was killed.

According to Sibanda, the incident occurred on 8 February last year, just after 11.30pm.

She and the accused, together with others who were travelling from work in a taxi, noticed the accused suddenly requested to use the bathroom. The taxi stopped and the accused went out and returned after a few minutes.

Sibanda said this happened again, twice, the third time she asked the taxi to stop, the accused went to the bathroom and stayed away much longer than previous times.

Worried about what could be holding her up, one of the taxi’s occupants went to look for her and that’s when the gruesome discovery was made.

Sibanda told the court the concerned taxi-occupant ran back towards the taxi screaming, saying there was a baby crying. At this point, the accused was apparently making her way back to the taxi.

Sibanda testified that she also went to find out what was going on and she instructed the accused to return to the bathroom with her, to see what was happening.

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