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By Cheryl Kahla

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Urine trouble now! Taxi driver’s pee-nalty for public urination

In a hilarious turn of events, a driver caught urinating in public was made to clean up his mess by JMPD officers.

In a twist that would make Kevin Hart blush (and hey, even Prince William), a taxi driver in Joburg learned a wet and wild lesson about public urination.

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) officers on duty had an inventive response that has everyone talking.

Taxi driver caught yellow-handed

It was just an ordinary day at the Johannesburg Intermodal Transport Interchange (Jiti) taxi rank in Braamfontein when one taxi driver found himself in a pee-culiar situation.

Caught in the act of relieving himself on the road, this taxi driver’s urination situation quickly turned into a major faux pee-s.

Cleaning up his act

JMPD officers – always on the lookout for a chance to keep Joburg clean and safe as they say – saw an opportunity for a teachable moment.

They could have easily just written him a ticket, but no! Creative juices were flowing, and they made the taxi driver clean up his urine instead.

We guess that’s one way to instil the principles of ‘taking responsibility for your actions’.

Lesson learned

It’s safe to say this taxi driver learned a valuable lesson about public urination.

Not only did he have to face the embarrassment of getting caught, but he was also handed an unexpected lesson in cleaning up after himself.

Will he think twice before he takes a leak in public again?

Only time will tell!

Mzansi responds

Of course, netizens weren’t going to let this incident slide either. True to form, wit and wisdom graced the comment section on Twitter.

While some commended the officers, others said they went too far, adding that South Africa has bigger problems to wipe up act on.

When one user said “They must learn and go use public toilets,” another swiftly responded: “Does your city have public toilets? NO.”

Another quipped: “Yes, it is disgusting behaviour but we have bigger problems and this resource could have been attending to them instead of focusing on a urinating taxi driver”.

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