VIDEO: Mongoose uses snake as a swing

The mongoose was a thrill-seeking one too.

Delia Bronkhorst, a 35-year-old specialised clerk and document controller, recounted the experience on The Lowvelder.

Heading back to Shingwedzi camp after our drive from Red Rocks, we stopped to watch a huge herd of buffalo coming down to the river to drink.

While watching the beautiful scene, something caught my eye on the opposite side of the road.

At first we thought it was a squirrel, but driving closer we saw it was a mongoose killing a snake.

 It was quite unbelievable to see, but excitement was definitely the emotion that best describes this sighting, and I couldn’t believe we were actually seeing something that amazing. The mongoose eventually got the snake down, unfortunately, the grass was too high for us to see the mongoose enjoy its well-deserved meal.

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My mom was in the car with me, and because of the buffalo sighting there were quite a few cars passing by, but not a whole lot of people seemed that interested, except for two other vehicles who also seemed to enjoy the mongoose and snake sighting.

I never realized these little mongooses can be so fierce – I definitely have huge respect for them.

This funny footage was taken in the Kruger National Park, on the 2km road leading to Shingwedzi camp.


VIDEO: A black mamba and mongoose fight it out

– Caxton News Service

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