WATCH: Gauteng DA leader’s ‘perfect’ day ruined by East Rand beating

Solly Msimanga says his day was going really well, until he was beaten by an unknown man who claimed he owes him money.

Solly Msimanga says his day had started “perfectly”, but unfortunately took a turn for the worse when he was beaten up while going to visit a relative in Benoni.

Msimanga told The Citizen he was in Benoni on a business matter and afterward decided to pay his cousin a visit.

A man apparently showed up with a group of people, who said they were there to collect items from the cousin’s business. Things took a violent turn, ruining what was up to then a good day for the politician.

UPDATE: Man arrested for ruining Solly Msimanga’s ‘perfect day’


I could see about six guys, but some of them could have been bystanders, so I am not sure. And my day started so perfectly, hey. I was in the East today dealing with the provincial office and the list of councillors, so I finished early and went to go see my cousin. Then this happened.

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“Someone came and says he and his family owe him money. I said I don’t know him. They hit me and my cousin. Luckily I called the cops who came and they arrested the guy,” Msimanga said on Thursday afternoon, while he was at the police station, following the incident.

“He is pleading that I should not press charges against him and will pay for my medical expenses.”

Msimanga claims he does not know his assailant.

“He is in a partnership with my cousin. They know each other and I don’t know him. [My injuries] are not that bad. They just wanted to be embarrass me by recording it.”

Msimanga was still deciding whether he would proceed with pressing charges, or if he would accept the man’s offer to pay his medical expenses.

“I think I bit myself. And there’s a scratch on my upper eye and I think I was bleeding from my tongue. Other than that I think I am fine.”

In a video of the incident circulating on social media, Msimanga can be seen bleeding while quarrelling with the person recording the video. The man can be heard telling Msimanga that he owes him R1.5 million.

“This is what happens to thieves,” the man could be heard.

“You are a liar and a thief, this is what happens to liars and thieves Solly, you are not gonna turn this into a political storm for yourself, you owe me money and I want it.”

The man in the video claims Msimanga hit him first.

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