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WATCH: Leave Bushiri alone or die in a car crash, Ghanaian ‘prophet’ warns Mboro

'You're a small boy. My issue with Major 1 is none of your business. Stupid. I'm not easily intimidated,' responded Mboro.

A self-proclaimed prophet from Ghana has warned Incredible happenings Church leader Mapaseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng to stay away from Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader Shepherd Bushiri or face death.

In a recent interview with Ghana TV, the man who identified himself as Eagle Prophet told Mboro that if he continues to speak against Bushiri, he would die in a car accident.

He added that he, however, did not want Mboro to die, but to suffer injuries that would teach him a lesson.

He said: “There is a prophet called Mboro. Mboro, listen to me: either you leave prophet Bushiri alone or you die through car accident. I’m warning you, Mboro, you your own will be a fatal accident. I pray you will not die, but the scars and the injuries that will come on your body will be a clear indication that you are touching what God has to touch.

“Stop fighting prophet Bushiri, if you continue to do that, man of God, my name is Eagle Prophet, I’m in Ghana, to be specific, West Africa. If you know the spiritualities and the kingdom set-up, I’m just telling you, and God says I have to warn you: stay away from prophet Bushiri or face the judgement of a car accident. Either you lose your life or feel the pain of injuries.”

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Watch the video below shared on Ghana TV’s YouTube channel:

But Mboro said he was no longer fighting with Bushiri, and said he has been in talks with the Malawian pastor’s family in an attempt to fix things between the two.

“There are peaceful talks between Mboro and the family of Major 1 on how to fix things between us. Today I’m just going to let things be, I won’t be praying hard against his bail or whatever. If things go well you will see us both talking to you.”

He further slammed the Ghanaian self-proclaimed prophet and told him he would not die.

“You’re a small boy. My issue with Major 1 is none of your business. Stupid. I’m not easily intimidated. No accident will come to my life. you won’t succeed. I terminate your power in the name of Jesus. The gods of Ghana will never take my life. I terminate you and break you. I’ve done extraordinary miracles for the past 37 years. There is no one who will use the name of God to kill men of God. There is a God in South Africa,” he said in a video shared on his Facebook page.

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Motsoeneng said he had to “terminate certain powers in the spirit” to create an atmosphere that would make it possible for Bushiri and his wife Mary to be arrested.

Bushiri handed himself over to the Hawks after Mary was arrested on 19 October, the church’s spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo confirmed.

In a statement on Tuesday, Nyondo said the Hawks’ attorneys had requested the couple to discuss an investment in connection to Rising Estate, which is an international property investment and development company.

“The Hawks informed lawyers of our leaders, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri, late Monday afternoon that they are requesting the couple to go to their office by 11:00am accompanied by their lawyers to discuss an issue concerning an investment pertaining to a company called Rising Estate,” he said.

Nyondo continued to say: “The Prophet and lawyers were getting prepared for the 11am appointment, when the Hawks went to their house before the appointment and arrested the Prophet’s wife alone.

“The Prophet is on his way to the Hawks office to hand over himself. He believes in the justice system of the country and he will abide to all what the law compels until all this war is done.

“As the matter is still currently under criminal investigation, we have been advised not to discuss this matter any further,” he said.

The couple will spend their second weekend in jail after their bail application was reserved for Monday.

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