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WATCH: Viral Christmas videos to light up your day

End the festive cheer with these heart-warming Christmas videos.

As the Christmas spirit spreads around the globe, viral videos a-plenty make it to our social feeds.

And since it’s a time of giving and sharing, we’ll focus on sharing some of our favourite clips which brightened our day.

And wow, there are plenty to choose from, from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s girls giving him a makeover on Christmas day, to Dubai airlines and their bevy of helpful Reindeer.

Bring on the giggles!

Best Christmas videos so far

8-year-old ‘feeling the vibe’

First on our list is California second grader, Jayden Williams, who ‘felt the vibe’ and upstaged all his classmates during a recent Christmas concert.

WATCH: Kid goes viral during Christmas concert

Eight-year-old Jaden Williams from Menlo Park in California said he didn’t plan on stealing the show, he “just started dancing”.

“I was feeling the vibe”, Williams said.

“I was so excited to do [the concert], I told my Miss Harrington, my music teacher, ‘When is the concert going to start?’ I was so happy”, he concluded.

The Rock’s Christmas makeover

It would be a crime to leave Dwayne Johnson off this list, especially after he shared an adorable clip of how his daughters helped him get ready for Christmas.

Jasmine and Tiana can be seen standing while Johnson sits on a chair for his makeover – and of course, he is wearing a wig with one side dyed blue and one dyed red.

WATCH: The Rock’s family time

Jasmine applied his makeup and Johnson can be heard protesting: “Wow. Do you have to press that hard?”

“Yes, it’s part of the makeup”, is her wise response. We all know how the saying about beauty and pain goes…

‘All I want for Christmas’

This brings us to 10-year-old Knox’s rendition of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You. And adorable as it may seem, there’s actually a heartwarming story behind the video!

His mother, Jennifer White-Johnson, said it “was exciting to see his unbridled joy on full display”, especially amidst the stigma of children with autism being ‘loud’ or ‘too much’.

His parents say they have never tried to silence him.

Watch: 10-year-old Knox crushing it

In fact, his mother explains: “We’ve encouraged this behaviour, to be free, to dance around the house and to just be himself – his authentic, beautiful autistic self”.

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey herself saw the video and responded to Knox’s mother on Instagram: “Your kid IS everything! Knox, you made my day”.

She added: “Your joy gives me and everyone watching joy. Thank you for reminding me why I wake up in the morning and do what I do. I love you”.

Captian Claus ready for take-off

On the other side of the globe, give or take a few thousand kilometres, Dubai-based Emirates Airline put its festive season cheer on full display.

The airline transformed one of its A380 aircraft into Santa’s sleigh, complete with reindeer and the customary Christmas hat.

Emirates captioned the video: “Captain Claus, requesting permission to take off. Merry Christmas from Emirates”.

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WATCH: Emirates and Captain Claus

It looks magical! The airline said it collaborated with digital artist Mostafa Eldiasty – also knowns as 100 Pixels – for the visual masterpiece.

Eldiasty also collaborated with the Museum Of The Future for their Christmas project, and earlier with Fifa when Argentina went against France in the finals.

Parents are Gringes

Meanwhile, parents went viral on TikTok and YouTube by dressing up as the Grinch and terrorising their children before Christmas.

Trust us when we say #GringeTok is real, and its equal measures frightening and entertaining – from stealing their presents to making the kiddos cry.

One video racked up more than 3.5 million likes and 37 million views! Watch it below

WATCH: GringeTok horror stories

@mercilessgod187 #christmas #xmas #mrgrinch ♬ original sound – MercilessGod187

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