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Fish for a good cause

The new fishing spots at Bontebok National Park along the Breede River now include, scale and tape measure to weigh and measure the fish caught.

Regular fishermen might have noticed changes at the fishing spots along the Breede River in the Bontebok National Park. These additions do not only benefit to those that partake in this leisurely activity, but it will also assist the park with river management.

The fishing spots now include a scale and tape measure to weigh and measure the fish caught. A wooden box contains a register to record some details such as the species, weight of exotic species and weather conditions. All species should be noted, but only exotic fish should be weighed. These changes were made at both Die Stroom fishing area and the one between reception and Lang Elsies Kraal Rest Camp.

“We want to encourage people to fill in the details of the fish they caught as it will help us determine the state of the fish in the Breede River through citizen science,” says park section ranger Bradley Koopman.

He says that exotic species such as carp, barbell and bass can be caught without restrictions, but indigenous species should be released, though should still be noted.

Bontebok park manager Roland January says that this will be combined with a project to compare the abundance of invasive species with that of indigenous fish. Please note that fishing is not allowed without a valid permit obtainable at park reception.

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