Key items to pack when travelling with children

Travelling with children can prove stressful if the right steps are not taken. How should this be done?

Travelling with children can be a daunting experience especially for those doing it for the first time. One of the biggest sources of worry and stress is not being sure what to pack and carry in order to ensure the little ones are safe, comfortable and able to have fun. The key in this regard is planning ahead for the trip with due consideration for the age group of the children, prevailing season and weather conditions, mode of transportation, type of destination you are visiting and possible planned activities.

Here are some key items you must pack when travelling with children:

Wipes and sanitisers

The Covid-19 pandemic has heightened the need for improved hygiene. This is more important for children who are generally more susceptible to infections but the least attentive when it comes to hygiene. Wipes and sanitisers are therefore a must in order to keep hands tidy and germ free.

Kids’ medications

Travelling away from home will expose children to unfamiliar environmental conditions and foods. This often triggers stomach irritations, skin reactions and headaches in some instances. You must therefore keep some medications for gas relief, pain, fever, allegies bug bites and cuts. You can obtain these from any pharmacy before you leave on vacation .


If your children are naturally attracted to books, then take some of their favourite books with you. They can read to stay both entertained and calm. You can even opt for destination related books and literature so that they get more familiar with where they are going before your arrival.

Toys and games

Toys and games are a must. Most children love to draw and  be kept entertained. You need to pack crayons, markers and sufficient paper for drawing. You also need to be mindful that we are in the digital age where children have grown accustomed to digital games. Ensure you download relevant phone and tablet apps for children and complement them with quality headphones for their sound enjoyment.

Water in refillable bottles

Staying hydrated is important when travelling. While children may not drink heavy amounts of water to avoid frequent bathroom visits , they need to stay hydrated during the trip. Refillable bottles will assist you to achieve this and you won’t have to worry about water bottle disposal and waste.

Body care Essentials

Body care essentials are a must when travelling with children. Some of the items you must pack in this regard include wet wipes for dirty hands and faces, toddler toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash for their oral hygiene, sunscreen for outdoor adventures on, baby shampoo for hair care, diapers and diaper cream for constant changing when toddlers mess up, etc.


Snacks are vitally important when travelling with children. Snacks are the best inbetween food to deal with hunger before you buy the main meal either along the journey or at your destination.You should therefore pack some sizeable cereal, puffs, crackers and some of their favourite fruits.

Outfits for suitable weather and activities

If you are travelling to a coastal destination or any accommodation with a pool, swimsuits and a personal floating device for safety in pools or on boats must be considered. For outdoor adventure during rainy and cold days, make sure you pack  raincoats for them and warm comfy jackets. Pack a couple of pairs of shoes for different occasions:  boots for adventure activities, sneakers for running around and slippers or sandals for relaxation. For general clothes, take note of the weather around your destination to pack appropriately . Pack a bit more than the days you will be away because children tend to accidently mess up or on their clothes.

The packing guidelines provided above if well implemented will assist you to alleviate some of the stress associated with travelling with children.

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