Book Club – A double dose of thrilling page-turners

This week we're reading to incredible thrillers filled with twists and turns...

Nicci French’s called the master of psychological suspense for good reason. And she certainly earns the title in The Unheard, which revolves around a mum who’s top priority has always been her daughter, Poppy.

But splitting up with Poppy’s father means she can’t always be there to keep her daughter safe, and when she finds a disturbing drawing, dark and menacing, with the three-year-old’s otherwise brightly coloured paintings, she’s convinced that the child has witnessed something terrible.

Twist after twist means she doesn’t know who to trust, and the reader has no idea what’s coming next. Simon and Schuster, available at

Wow. If you’re wanting thrilling, Joanne Harris is up there with the best of them … and A Narrow Door is a dark and sinister as you can get.

The first headmistress of a once only boys’ school has spilled blood to get to the position, and the remains of a body are discovered in the school grounds aren’t going to get in the way of her rise to the top.

She’ll bury the past so deep even she won’t remember it, just like she’s done before. Joanne’s hard hitting from the first page … a clever, twisted, atmospheric read you just won’t be able to put down. Orion, available at

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