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October Transport Month drives into town

Motorists can expect to have their vehicles' road worthiness and tyres checked during the campaign.

Newcastle Municipality officially put the October Transport Campaign into gear on Tuesday, October 6.

The campaign initially started at a national level, focusing on road safety.

Thisha Mhlanga, Acting Strategic Executive Director (SED) of Community Services, said the municipality would be doing its utmost best to ensure the campaign’s success.

“As Newcastle gets a lot of visitors from out of town, traffic officials need to ensure the safety of locals and visitors.”

This would be done through municipal traffic officers setting up road blocks at strategic points in Newcastle, as a way to maintain order on the town’s roads.

Motorists could also expect to have their vehicles’ road worthiness and tyres checked.

Furthermore, the municipality has purchased a vehicle equipped with a computer system that would be used to determine whether motorists had outstanding fines.

Zero tolerance would also be shown to motorists driving under the influence of alcohol.

“The municipality has the responsibility of keeping our town’s residents and commuters safe,” Mr Mhlanga said.

Looking at the steps in keeping Newcastle’s roads safe, Mr Mhlanga requested the community be patient as traffic officers fulfilled their duties.

“Traffic officers work under harsh weather conditions, sacrificing their families for the lives of motorists and commuters.”

Public transport was brought into the spotlight at Tuesday’s launch.

“October started on a bad note with the taxi violence, but we need to remember that public transport connects families, friends and contributes to the economy as people often rely on it to get to work. We need to find a mutual consensus, as we cannot allow our differences to affect the community. We cannot allow violence to put the community in danger,” Mr Mhlanga emphasised.

The campaign’s launch ended with traffic officers and municipal officials interacting with motorists travelling at the Allen Street and N11 intersection by handing out road safety pamphlets, and ensuring people were wearing safety belts.

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