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Ladysmith KZN: uThukela refutes claims of poor workmanship

The problem has now been fixed, say the adamant workers

An unhappy resident of Cilliers Street says uThukela workers do not do their job properly. Today (July 20), the resident approached uThukela personnel while they were fixing a water pipe in the area that has been leaking for weeks on end.

According to the resident, a few weeks ago, uThukela workers came and dug a huge hole where the pipe is. Water from the leak soon filled up the hole and he says the workers just left. The hole has been filled with water ever since.

Today, the resident says uThukela came and pumped out the water and covered the hole without fixing the leak.

However, Deputy Water Operations Manager Glen Singh gave his assurance that the workers know what they’re doing and that the job has been done satisfactorily.

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According to the uThukela workers on site today, they had to change the pipe, which was an old concrete pipe, and replace it with a new PVC pipe. They then had to pump out the water because it couldn’t sink down, since there is a solid rock foundation in the area.

The workers continued to say that the problem has now indeed been fixed.

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