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Alleged loan shark back in court for murder

Sthembiso Mlambo stands accused of killing his ex-wife, Sthembile Mlambo, who was gunned down while on her way home from her work as a paramedic in Utrecht.

Mlambo appeared in the Madadeni Regional Court on November 2 for a bail application after being charged with murder, failing to lock away a firearm, and conspiracy to commit murder.

He was apprehended on the N11 near Ladysmith on October 11 after a wanted people notice was disseminated on social media, leading to the police receiving a tip on his whereabouts.

The court heard from defence advocate Osbourne, who submitted an affidavit in support of Mlambo’s bail application, that he is the breadwinner for his family, has residences, vehicles, and family in Newcastle and is permanently employed in Newcastle, proving that he is not a flight risk.

In opposition to bail being granted, Sergeant Mngomezulu said that Mlambo is likely to evade trial, interfere with the case, intimidate witnesses and commit a schedule one offense should he be let out.

Mngomezulu added that the state has a strong case against Mlambo, which may encourage him to evade trial. He said the state has a witness who is closely connected to Mlambo and was present when allegedly Mlambo hired four hit men to murder his ex-wife.

The bail application was postponed and will be heard again on November 8.

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