Bernadette Wicks
Senior court reporter
5 minute read
25 Nov 2020
4:47 am

Not just ‘a bad flu’ – Covid-19 survivors still battling months later

Bernadette Wicks

Survivors of the virus say that despite testing negative, the impact of the virus remains months later, leaving them physically and emotionally weaker and

Picture: Cesar Manso/AFP

It has been more than five months since Calis Bruckmann tested positive for Covid-19 and the industrial designer, 29, is still grappling with the after-effects. Bruckmann tested positive for Covid-19 in June. When The Citizen first spoke to him in July, about four and a half weeks later, he was still struggling with a headache, ringing in his ears and general fatigue. This week, he was doing better – but only somewhat. “I’ve still got severe ringing in my ears. It’s very intense at night especially and sometimes it becomes almost  disorienting and makes it difficult for me to concentrate,”...