Richard Chemaly
4 minute read
26 Jan 2021
5:49 pm

Is the LGBTQI+ community too sensitive?

Richard Chemaly

Would the kind of statements which lead to the MacG-drama be less common if the ignorant were allowed to ask questions and engage in discussion, instead of being dogpiled by those expressing their outrage?

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Another day, another outrage, and today we have former YFM presenter, MacG’s podcast to thank for it. When Macgyver and his mate Sol were discussing their misunderstandings regarding the LGBTQI+ community on Podcast and Chill with MacG, there were a couple of quips referring to a transgender woman as a woman with a dick amidst laughter, and true to form, social media’s response did not relent. If you asked these two dudes and got a sincere answer, however, I doubt they’d think they were being offensive. They probably thought they were being edgy and funny and delivering content which is...