Jim Freeman
3 minute read
7 Mar 2021
8:15 am

Patrolling Cape Town’s ‘Deep South’

Jim Freeman

Cape Town's "Deep South" has a lot of changes made to it, and has become a much more desirable tourist attraction

Simonstown main road. Picture: Supplied by Jim Freeman.

It has been a source of great amusement to me for the past three decades or so how the appearance and behaviour of Capetonians can unsettle even the most phlegmatic of what people down here used to call “Vaalies”. Even their use of  common words left anyone from the other side of the Du Toitskloof Mountains scratching their heads: “bru” and “shu (as in truly-fully-heyshu-wow?!) have vastly different meanings from their Afrikaans  equivalents, broer and sjoe!.Visitors from KwaZulu-Natal and even Gqeberha can comprehend us to greater or lesser extent but people from up north? Nooit, bru. I recently ventured into...