Letshego Zulu
4 minute read
9 Mar 2021
11:39 am

Is it normal to be sore after working out?

Letshego Zulu

Muscle soreness is a sign that you’re getting stronger, and is nothing to be alarmed about. But there are danger signs to look out for.

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So you’ve decided to focus on getting a little healthier and you start an exercise programme. Your first workout goes great, and you’re really proud of yourself. That is, until the next morning when you’re so sore you can barely get out of bed. You ask yourself: “What happened? Did I do something wrong? Did I do too much?” Don’t let muscle soreness after a workout get you down. Best believe me when I say it happens to most of us, if not everyone. This is one of the reasons why I personally quit gym a few times, until this...