Hagen Engler
5 minute read
17 Oct 2021
7:00 am

We need more petrol attendants in parliament

Hagen Engler

The ethic of loving service, dedication and going beyond the call of duty is nowhere stronger than on the forecourts of our nation’s petrol stations.

Petrol attendants pour petrol at a filling station in Melville, 20 January 2021.Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

It’s hard not to become utterly cynical about South Africa’s current group of political leaders. Whether in parliament, in party politics, business, the labour movement or civil society, there is much to get depressed about. The looming municipal elections have made it especially clear what a poor range of choices we have among the parties and their anointed leaders. Sometimes it feels like we are being forced to choose between different brands of incompetence, corruption and oblivious, self-serving elitism. Certainly, not many of the candidates capture one’s imagination, especially when they come with side servings of religious fundamentalism, legacy patriarchy,...