John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
2 minute read
20 Oct 2021
8:10 am

FLOYD ON F1: Texas sized problem waiting at COTA?

John Floyd

Recent complaints over circuit's surface has questioned why the weekend is going ahead.

F1 Race director Michael Masi is in charge of ensuring a smooth racing surface at the Circuit of the Americas this weekend. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

I was interested by the 2022 F1 calendar, presented by the F1 Commission to the World Motorsport Council, accepted and confirmed by the FIA. Despite ongoing effects of Covid-19, those in charge have published a 23 race programme – ambitious, considering this year’s battle to run 22 races. Nevertheless it is always encouraging to see growth within F1, whether for the sporting activity or, more likely in these days, the financial rewards for the company shareholders. Cynical? Probably, when one reviews situations like a change of F1 ownership and the constant attempts to make it more “popular”. Night races, sprint...