1 minute read
30 Dec 2021
6:30 am

Be thankful for the abundance of rain


The sight of so much green and lush vegetation in our semi-arid country is soothing and holds out promise for the future.

Two sluice gates at the Vaal Dam are opened, 28 December 2021, after water levels at the dam reached 107.6%. The opening of the sluice gates follows consistent heavy rains over the past two weeks in catchments supporting the Integrated Vaal River System and Orange River. Picture: Michel Bega

Anybody who lives in this southern part of the African continent and who complains about the weather, because “there’s too much rain” needs their head read. The drought-tortured farmers of the Karoo and Eastern Cape will tell you they are down on their knees giving thanks for this season’s rains, which come courtesy of the La Niña meteorological phenomenon. It’s been nearly a decade since things looked this good for them. And even city dwellers need to rejoice at the sight of the flood gates opening on some of SA’s massive dams, like the Vaal or the Gariep. This means...