Editorial staff
2 minute read
19 Apr 2022
7:59 am

Work together to rev up SA

Editorial staff

We are capable of scaling the heights most other African countries can only dream about. What we need is honest and hard-working leadership.

Employees try to clear mud at a flooded garage in Ispingo KwaZulu-Natal after recent flooding in the area, 13 April 2022. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Back in 1993, as black anger threatened to boil over following the assassination of Chris Hani and as right-wing sabotage and violence began rearing its ugly head, Louis Luyt promised a spectacular Rugby World Cup in South Africa two years into the future. As the country teetered on the brink of civil war ahead of the demise of apartheid, Luyt seemed, to some at least, to have lost his mind. Yet, we all know what happened at the Ellis Park Stadium in June 1995. One wonders if history might repeat itself, following Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton’s expressed wish that...