Editorial staff
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30 Apr 2022
5:45 am

SA’s corruption crisis: The face of graft is in every corner

Editorial staff

Almost daily, South Africans hear of taxpayers' money either being stolen or mismanaged.

Photo: iStock

Such is the blatant corruption that has seeped into every corner of our country that South Africans have mostly become immune to fresh reports of theft and graft. Almost daily, we hear of taxpayers' money either being stolen, mismanaged or of some or other family member of a government official benefitting from a dodgy tender. Yesterday, we reported on a community hall in the North West that, despite being built in 2018, has not officially been handed over. The Mpakirabusang Community Hall in the Ramotshere Moiloa local municipality, near Zeerust, cost taxpayers R5.6 million, yet there’s very little to show...