Editorial staff
2 minute read
17 Jun 2022
4:50 am

Future of all of us is in hands of SA’s youth

Editorial staff

If you don’t vote and take part in democracy, you can’t complain later.

Youth empowerment group Impumelelo Yesizwe Organisation perform a dance piece to commemorate Youth Day at the Hector Pieterson Memorial site on 16 June 2022. Picture: Michel Bega

Dear youth of South Africa, we doubt many of you listened to the fine speeches on Thursday by the very politicians who have taken away your hope. But, even if you did, you would have heard little more than platitudes and very little in the way of solid ideas or plans about how to bring you “a better life”. ALSO READ: ‘Social grants aren’t helping our youth’, leader of 1976 Soweto uprising tells government So, we would like to offer you some possible methods for turning the current appalling situation – failing education system, lack of opportunities and unemployment which...