Editorial staff
2 minute read
19 Jul 2022
5:20 am

Why does Eskom want to punish people for saving power?

Editorial staff

But, is it fair to penalise people who want to save our overall national demand by looking to renewable energy, such as solar?

Eskom logo during the High Tariffs Must Fall Campaign outside Eskom offices in Bellville. Picture: Gallo Images/Brenton Geach

The good news is that, if you want to save money in electricity bills, you can install a solar power array. The bad news is that, if you do so, and you use less of Eskom’s unreliable electricity supply, the power company will charge you more. Eskom’s proposals for a new tariff structure set new standards for rapacious behaviour, either from a private or government organisation. ALSO READ: Bad news for you, worse news for Eskom – Nersa caps tariff increase at 9.61% The utility has applied to increase its charges for the 2023-24 year by a staggering 32.66%. Nersa...