Jonathan Mokuena
3 minute read
30 Jul 2022
7:01 am

New Zealand Rugby firing Plumtree and not Foster is a shocker!

Jonathan Mokuena

There are many talking points regarding the All Blacks at the moment, among them the appointment of new assistant coaches this week.

Former All Blacks assistant coach John Plumtree. Picture: Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

What a shocker by New Zealand Rugby! They go and fire John Plumtree and Brad Mooar but not the head coach Ian Foster. I can’t believe it. Normally it is the head coach who goes first when things go wrong, so it should have been Foster, not his assistants. Plumtree and Moaar, after all, worked inside the structure and framework put in place by Foster, so why should they cop the blame for how the team have performed? Plumtree and Moaar can feel hard-done by, for sure. And anyway, I don’t think much will change with the All Blacks now...