Drugs a real problem in our town and country

It is time we all stand together and help our children and people that are caught up in this terrible nightmare.


Drug addiction has become a real problem in Randfontein and throughout the whole of our country.

It has infiltrated all our lives. The days of pulling up your nose and being self-righteous have passed for all to soon the problem will come to rest much too close to your own home. There is no more distinction between good and bad, rubbish and cut above the rest.

Drug addiction does not care whether you are young or old, rich or poor, a happy family unit or a broken family unit. It is time that we all stand together and help our children and people that are caught up in this terrible nightmare, that we stop being ostriches and hiding our heads to not face the drug reality.

On the 15th of December our house was bombarded by police and CPF people. We have now been name tagged throughout the town to be a drug factory, drug suppliers, addicts and all that you can call us. Yes, I have to agree that one of our family members was found in possession of CAT, and it was just under 1g. I am aware that the family member broke the law.

I am also aware that this person has a problem and should be helped therefore we are thankful of the intervention. My complaint is that the police and CPF seem to act like a gossip group as we have been informed the CPF in their private whatsapp group gave incorrect details of what was found. It worries me that so called months were spent on this massive raid that was planned while real drug lords are running loose and free to do their own deals. It also worries me that gossip and bad detective work can keep our men of the law and their cowboys lackeys thinking a young drug user is this big drug kingpin. Does that spell inadequacy in capital letters or not? Was this believed because of neighborhood gossip?

This experience taught me that no matter whether you are the offender or the person closest to the offender you all get treated like you are the scum of the earth. You get shunned by the police, not informed of what is about to happen after arrest and this is really a traumatizing experience for all concerned. I am not saying that the person that broke the law should be treated with kid gloves, I am merely saying take the time to decently explain rights and procedures to that person and also to the people close to the offender.

If we did not have a mutual acquaintance to one of the officers I would not have gotten any form of feedback, and I thank the specific police officer for his assistance.I would guess that when the searching etc. starts well trained experienced police officers would immediately be able to guess whether this is a drug lab, a supplier or a user. Is it really necessary to break belongings and tear the few certificates this person has earned. Do you not realise that a user have problems and a very low self-esteem.

Do you not know that the few achievements in life is all they have to sustain them. Why destroy it just to show you are this “main man” or that you are a weekend and sunset cowboy that can play out your fantasy. This is not right, no matter how you look at it. And for those who want to condemn and disagree, wait until the shoe suddenly fits on your foot, you are not exempted of any of this it could happen to you in a wink of an eye.Now we go to the police station where the offender is locked up. How can a policeman sitting watching pirate DVD’s charge anyone when they are breaking the law right there in the police station.

How trustworthy are all the rest of the policeman and woman together with their CPF cowboys if they all let that slide. Are we not seeing double standards here. Is stealing a pen less criminal than stealing R100? Please tell me I would like to know. Is aiding and abetting not a criminal offence and are all the officers and cowboys that are aware of this not breaking the law by allowing it.

Or do we grade criminal offences by our own standards, being if I am a cop or cowboy I can do as I want the rest of you are being watched, I can choose who I arrest so just hope I don’t choose you.Now after two nights of no sleep and feeling like I am really lower than any living, moving object or person in this town I get to the court to try and find out what is happening there. To my amazement most of the staff there stood around for hours just chit chatting.

You have to beg just to be heard and then you are sent away to come back in two hours, by which time they are still reading newspapers and carrying on with their conversations in the passages making sure you are aware that you are disturbing them. Are they not all guilty of stealing from the state as they should be working for hours paid not abusing their positions.

So here we are back at our double standards. Once again what is the difference between a thief and a drug addict expect that the one gets high on stealing while the other gets high on drugs which are both illegal.This whole experience has taught me that people are so easy to condemn others, that unfortunately some CPF members and cowboys seem to be the optimum distorted “gossip aunties” of our town. It has also shown me how many people think they are untouchable and better that others.

It has taught me that I can never say never, and never again to think I am better or above another’s situation. It has taught me that our own people are quicker to condemn their own kind and their neighbors’ just to make themselves seem important. Please be careful that this does become an addiction as well, maybe a legal one, but it could lead to criminal offences in your futures.Now my final thought. What has our CPF done to try and help the kids when they realise there is a problem.

I know it is not your duty but what infrastructure is there in our town to help these people or is dooming them the only way because it seems to give you a high.

Once again don’t misunderstand me, I know duties were done, I know intervention was a blessing for my family, but shame on all of you people that are so quick to condemn, so quick to gossip without making sure of facts and doing it mainly to show off. I am really, genuinely so disappointed in the characters of those who are “supposed” to be there for our protectors but might only be doing it because they like pretending they are indestructible and holy.

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