Toilets and boreholes for two Limpopo schools

Learners from Tshimonela Primary and Ozias Davhana High schools were over the moon when a Hollywood Bets recently presented the two schools with eight modern flush toilets and boreholes to each school on Wednesday at Mpheni, worth R670 000.

LIMPOPO – Yvvone Hlaise from Hollywood Bets marketing, said they learnt about the unhygienic conditions learners found themselves in as they did not have proper toilets.

“We got worried after learning that the two schools had been making pleas for assistance, but to no avail. We are a caring company, and are very serious about issues that have to do with the education of children. We are going to assist them until the project is finalised.”

She said government alone could not cope with the demand for basic facilities and Hollywood Bets believes it is important that the business sector should assist where possible.

“Education has been a key focus area of the company’s corporate social investment programme, because they believe that education and youth development are important for the future success of the country.”

The Chairperson of SGB at Tshimonela Primary, Lufuno Mashamba, said they were worried about the state of the toilets.

“Some of our toilets are cracked and are not fit for use by our children. We are just happy that Hollywood Bets came to our rescue. We still have many needs here at our school. We will ask permission from the department that other businesses can come to our aid,” he said.

The Chairperson of SGB at Ozias Davhana High, Thomas Mutshekwa said learners at the school now have reason to smile.

Hollywood Bets built two blocks of toilets consisting of eight toilets each, including those for disabled learners.

A borehole was also drilled.

“This will really improve the standard of teaching and learning at our school. We appreciate that the sponsor realised there was a need for decent toilets and boreholes at the school,” added Mutshekwa.

Tshifularo Moshapo, who represent the Davhana Royal Council praised what Hollywood Bets had done to help the government to improve education in the country.

She appealed to other companies to follow the example set by Hollywood Bets.

She said she hoped that other companies and businesspeople would also come onboard.

“There is a serious shortage of classrooms in our schools as many of us are in rural areas. We hope more companies will open their hearts to help improve education, because education is key to their future,” said Moshapo.

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