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Joyce Mureri: Vhembe’s thriving entrepreneur

Joyce's business produces a range of household items including dishwashing liquid, foam bath, pine gel, thick bleach, and all-purpose cleaners.

LIMPOPO – Joyce Mureri, a young entrepreneur from Ha-Rabali in the Louis Trichardt district, is making significant strides in the household product industry with her start-up, Safely Impeccable (Pty) Ltd.

Founded in the Vhembe district, her business produces a range of household items including dishwashing liquid, foam bath, pine gel, thick bleach, and all-purpose cleaners.

The inspiration for Safely Impeccable traces back to several years ago when Mureri’s grandfather, the late bishop Titus Paulos Mureri, encouraged her to manufacture and sell dishwashing liquid.

This conversation took place while harvesting Mureipi and Swiss chard at his orchard in Ha-Tshikhudo.

Despite her young age at the time, Mureri was determined to pursue this idea. In 2019, she began researching household detergents, and by early 2022, she started producing and distributing samples to friends, colleagues, and relatives for feedback.

“The positive feedback from those early trials motivated me to start selling to people in my close circle,” Mureri explained.

Initially, she limited sales to local individuals due to the lack of South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) approval, aiming to avoid legal issues.

However, in 2023, after getting her products tested, she expanded her sales to local communities in the Nzhelele area and Toverfontein Ha-Maleboho.

Mureri’s manufacturing facility is located in Ha-Rabali village.

“Currently, we exhibit our products at Mphephu Plaza and facilitate sales and deliveries to local communities upon receiving orders. Our team consists of two full-time employees and four part-time workers. Our primary goal is to enhance brand recognition and eventually retail our products in major stores. While we proudly support local enterprises, we also aim to distribute our products to local spaza shops, which would greatly help in expanding our business,” she said.

Reflecting on her journey, Mureri shared her perspective on the industry: “Growing up, I saw and used these products but never knew their origins. It’s rare to see black people in this manufacturing space; they often only work there. This realisation motivated me to establish Safely Impeccable (Pty) Ltd.”

Although her business aspires to reach major retailers across South Africa, its current clientele includes local individuals, tuckshops, and individual resellers.

Mureri’s vision and dedication are paving the way for her company’s growth and success in the competitive household products market.

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