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Women from Thistle Grove are the soccer champs

As we are celebrating Women's Day, we also want the players to be prepared for the new football season.

Thistle Groove Ladies Football Club was crowned the Women’s Day champions during a tournament organised by the Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation at Lebohang RDP sports ground on Monday, August 9.

Four women football teams from different townships in Govan Mbeki Municipality competed in this tournament.

In the first game, Thistle Grove Ladies FC won the match by 5-0 against Redstraws Academy.

They qualified for the final game where they played against against Leandra United FC, who qualified when they beat Home Ladies FC by 4-2 on penalty after playing a 2-2 draw in their full match.

Thistle Grove Ladies managed to take the tournament when winning by 5-0 against Leandra United Ladies FC and they were crowned the Lebohang Women’s Day Football Tournament champions.

Mr Sabelo Lukhele, sports coordinator from the department of Culture, Sports and Recreation said their main aim with the tournament was to promote women’s football and at the same time celebrate Women’s Day.

“As we are celebrating Women’s Day, we also want the players to be prepared for the new football season, because some of them never get time to prepare themselves.

“These women are playing for local and provincial leagues, that’s why they need to be prepared for their coming tests. To check on their readiness, competitions such as these are the answers.

“Coaches can see what is lacking from each player, and as the department ,we also support any sports and players,” said Mr Lukhele.

This Redstraw Academy FC player finds it difficult to pass with the ball against Sasol Thistle Grove FC during a Women’s Day tournament in Lebohang.

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