Weltevreden Park man assaulted and robbed in home

Men casually drink from liquor cabinet for several hours before leaving the scene

Three men are wanted for house robbery after a home invasion in Kastaiing Street on August 18.

A 46-year-old was smoking a cigarette in his backyard just before midnight when he was attacked by three men. The resident attempted to fight off his assailants but their superior numbers allowed them to overpower him, dragging him inside. The resident was taken to a bedroom where his hands were bound with cables, his feet tied up with a belt and left to rest on the bed.

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In no rush to flee the scene, the three men raided their victim’s alcohol supplies, beginning a cheeky drinking session that would last until the early hours of the morning. The victim of the home invasion relayed to police that they had had their fill by roughly 04:00 when they began to load items into his Ford Bantam. The men left at roughly 05:30, taking with them a television, toolbox and the victim’s cellphone.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported but unfortunately the suspects have not yet been identified. The Bantam bakkie did not have a tracker and the value of the stolen items is estimated to be just over R50 000. Should anyone have any information on the incident, please contact Honeydew police as soon as possible.

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