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Snare Aware remain one step ahead of poachers

Although only one snare was found during a clean sweep in Karridene, the group of wildlife enthusiasts will continue to monitor the area closely.

THE Snare Aware team recently headed out into the local snaring hotspot, Karridene, to re-sweep the area that has been one of their most active greenbelts with regards to poaching.

A member, whose identity cannot be disclosed due to safety concerns, said although the heavens opened as they got to the spot, the team did not hesitate to brave the rain to make sure that the area was clear of snares.

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The team thoroughly swept multiple old hotspots and were pleased to find them clear of snares and human activity.

“We then headed towards the eastern edge of the belt, and after tackling some very thick and tricky conditions, came across a lot of rubbish and human activity. A roll of different steel material, often used to set snares in this greenbelt, was found stashed next to a tree. The path was followed, and a single snare was found at the entry point, albeit not a very well-set snare. This points to an inexperienced poacher or group of poachers just trying their luck. A far cry from the expert snare set-ups that we are used to finding in this particular area,” said the member.

A roll of a different type of steel material to the usual, which is used to make snares in the Karridene greenbelt. Photo: Supplied

As always, the group of dedicated wildlife enthusiasts will continue to monitor the area closely, to keep one step ahead of the poachers.

The total amount of snares found in the Karridene greenbelt.

For more information, visit their Facebook page Snare Aware. Alternatively, report any poaching incidents you may witness to SAcan WhatsApp on 083 799 1916 or SAcan hotline on 086 167 2226.



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