Divisive seed sowing in ward 97 has political roots

And what is the true nature of the great pretenders who so glibly claim to love our community?

EDITOR – I respond to the latest missives from the Horn/Ackerman duo.

This time Horn feigns disappointment that we cannot ‘unite on common causes‘.

Well, we don’t have common causes and in any case, who would want to associate with Horn and his cronies who have been sowing the seeds of division for some time, all the while promoting what is, by definition, an evil regime. Who would want to be associated with those who constantly undermine us, trash our heritage and mock our standards and values? Did I mention ethnic cleansing of whites, by Horn, as reported recently? I’ve no doubt the term ‘evil’ will get the toads hopping, but it’s true, just check the definition.

Horn goes on and on about ward 97 this and ward 97 that, but the question is – why is the mighty ANC so desperate to win control of ward 97? It now has no less than six Facebook sites, in various forms, all devoted to ward 97. In addition, they have, by hook or by crook, wheedled their way into control of the ward 97 committee and even the CPF. These bodies have no statutory powers, so the question is, why?

It’s quite simple really. Ward committees are a foefie, an ANC creation designed to give the impression of democracy. In practise, a perfect place to dupe the public, spread influence and hopefully recruit ANC members. These committees also serve as an additional bureaucratic layer and deflect attention away from official incompetence, corruption and criminal conduct.

Fact is, citizens do not need ward committees. All one needs is a telephone or email and a functional municipality. You contact an accessible, suitably qualified official, register your complaint or problem, which is then attended to within a reasonable period of time. Well, at least that’s how it works in all civilised countries.

In the case of Ackerman, what can one say about such tripe? He has merely repeated the claptrap about what Cllr Beetge should have have done or should be doing. To those unaffected this may seem innocuous political mudslinging one might say. Even I was going to suggest that Cllr Beetge should simply ignore these charlatans and take it from whence it comes. However, when one examines the facts, it becomes quite clear that something sinister is afoot in our little old town.

For example, what is one to make of one of the Facebook sites referred to earlier, the one gloriously titled ‘Councillor Jacob Pienaar Ward 97 – Service delivery is important to me”?Lo and behold, the ANC has its very own councillor in ward 97. Being one of the chosen people, anointed by the ANC, surely Pienaar, a paid councillor, would have attended to all the issues that Cllr Beetge is alleged to have failed at? What goes on here? There has not been a single peep from Pienaar on any issue. One assumes he has been smirking in the background during the time that Cllr Beetge has been pilloried by his comrades. They have deliberately deceived the community.

And what is the true nature of the great pretenders who so glibly claim to love our community? I find the following incident, related in a reader’s online letter to the Sun, quite illuminating. I quote: “Well said Mr Van Belkum. I confronted Ackerman Snr at the CPF AGM (22 June) about his comments and his erudite reply was ‘f@&* you, f@&* off”. This was in the presence of Frank Horn (also a ward 97 committee member) with Ackerman Jnr close by. They both laughed when Ackerman Snr was swearing. I just laughed at him and walked away. Fantastic display from them of interest in the community!”

All things considered, such crude behaviour comes as no surprise and reflects perfectly what they represent and, at the same time, what they really think of the community. Not pleasant, but at least it helps dispel illusions. Watch your backs now.

Again, I am reminded of Edmund Burke’s admonition: “All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.”


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