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Amanzimtoti cyclists share gruelling sani2c experience

Bennie Snyman and Johann Latsky bravely took on the gruelling 265km KAP sani2c three-day stage race and recount their experience.

BEST friends and members of Amanzimtoti Cycle Club, Bennie Snyman and Johann Latsky, recently completed the gruelling 265km KAP sani2c race and were keen to share their cycling experience.

The 20th edition of the oldest three-day stage race in the country presented them with a formidable test of endurance and resilience. The route, from Glencairn Farm near the base of Sani Pass, down to the sea at Scottburgh, is characterised by beautiful single-track trails across farmlands, game reserves and rural areas.

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Snyman, having previously taken on the sani2c, found himself confronted with the most gruelling conditions on the final day.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t race in mud again because it’s mentally and physically challenging, slow and causes mechanical issues. However, we were nearing the end and knew we had to push ourselves,” he said, adding that by the end of the three days, they had totalled about 17 hours on their bikes.

Amanzimtoti Cycle Club’s Bennie Snyman, followed closely by Johann Latsky, at the 265km sani2c. Photo: Supplied

Reflecting on the overall experience, Snyman said it was a fun ride with a great atmosphere back at camp. “There was a strong sense of community among the riders who bonded over their shared passion of cycling and conquering the course,” he said.

For Latsky, a newcomer to the sani2c, the race was a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

“I have never done anything like this before; it was amazing, and I learned some things about myself. Despite a minor fall, knowing that you can push yourself past the pain and challenges and accomplish a goal, just lifts you up,” he said, adding that he would love to do it again.

They expressed gratitude for their health, acknowledging the crucial support of their wives and the sponsorship from Bennie’s father’s business, JFS Trailer Services.


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