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Burglar-proof your home

BRIGHTON Beach SAP has issued an alert on an increase in house and business breakings.

According to communications officer, Captain Louise Le Roux, trends show that housebreakings take place from 8am to 4pm while residents are at work and business breakings happen from 10pm to 6am. “Aluminium sliding doors are broken open as are windows in the home and at businesses, front gates are forced open, main entrance doors are broken, as well as windows and roofs.

Poorly lit areas on the sides of buildings, back yards and bushy areas make it easier for criminals to strike undetected.” She recommends business and home owners invest in a security system, with a PSIRA-accredited security company.

She urges community members to assist their local police station by reporting suspicious people lingering around properties or sitting in vehicles for a long time. Call 10111.


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