Durban South has its own professional snake catcher

His work is as beneficial to people as it is to nature and animals.

Warren Dick is not only an ordained pastor on The Bluff, but also a professional snake catcher and photographer. His love for nature and the outdoors stems from his childhood and now he spends much of his time strolling through nature reserves, photographing animals and insects. One of his favourite spots is the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve.

Besides photography being a hobby, he relishes the opportunity to bring awareness of conservancy and to respect nature and its creatures.

“I love being able to teach people about snakes, spiders and the like and in doing so hopefully I will take away some of their fear,” said Warren.

Among other interests, Warren prides himself on being the scribe for the Southlands SUN’s weekly natures column, he photographs and researches insects and shares his knowledge with readers. The informative column has been published in the paper over a number of years and continues to educate readers on different insects.

Warren enjoys educating people on snakes and bugs and creating awareness on nature.

Warren has rescued and relocated some of the most venomous snakes and passionately continues to do so for the benefit of people and snakes. Area depending, his fee ranges between R300 and R450.

Visit his Facebook page or call him on 072 211 0353.

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