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Growing minds and spaces at Bluff Christian Academy [Video]

The Grade Seven learners of Bluff Christian Academy planted a lemon tree in commemoration of World Environment Day, which is celebrated every year on June 5.

STHEMBILE Rachel Sebetsa, an environmental officer from the KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, visited Bluff Christian Academy to engage Grade Seven learners on the importance of World Environment Day, which is celebrated globally on June 5.

This year’s theme, ‘Generation Restoration’, emphasised crucial environmental issues such as land restoration, desertification and drought resilience.

Sebetsa underscored the importance of rehabilitating degraded land, providing practical examples to make her points clear. “I explained to the learners that restoring land after degradation is essential. For instance, if an illegal dumpsite was cleaned, restoration could involve creating a vegetable garden, converting it into a small play park or planting trees,” she said.

During her visit, Sebetsa also assisted the learners in planting a lemon tree at the school, symbolising the beginning of their commitment to environmental stewardship. Principal Benjamin Mpangase participated in the activity and helped the learners.

Sthembile Rachel Sebesta, an environmental officer from the KZN Department of Economic Development Tourism and Environmental Affairs, digs the soil to plant the tree.

Sebetsa stressed the broader significance of World Environment Day, highlighting the need for awareness about environmental degradation, pollution, ecosystem depletion and illegal dumping. “It’s also about recognising climate change and how we can fight it,” she added.

Mpangase expressed his appreciation for Sebetsa’s invaluable contribution. “I am thankful to Sebetsa for coming and speaking to the children about such a critical topic, especially in these times,” said Mpangase. He shared that the learners would take turns watering the tree weekly and would name it.

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