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The Bluff Tidy Teams hosts successful park clean-up

The Bluff Tidy Teams worked in collaboration with RTL8 to clean up The Bluff’s parks. The community organisations’ plan is to enhance the environment and encourage community engagement.

THE Bluff Tidy Teams, a community-focused organisation, hosted a park clean-up in partnership with RTL8 on June 8.

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The event took place at the intersection of Tara and Grays Inn roads, opposite Oxford, and was led by the group’s founder, Waylon Murray. The goal was to enhance the local environment and encourage community engagement.

“We aim to involve community-driven organisations in our efforts to maintain and improve public spaces,” Murray explained.

Volunteers gathered at the park and diligently worked according to the afternoon’s plan. Despite a moderate turnout, the team successfully achieved their cleaning goals, leaving the park significantly cleaner.

“We managed to clean up the park as planned, and I am grateful for the dedication and hard work of all the volunteers,” Murray said. “I would also like to thank everyone who supported this initiative.”

The Bluff Tidy Teams has their next clean-up event scheduled for June 15. As they continue their mission to promote cleanliness and community spirit, they are seeking support from local businesses.

“We are asking for donations of gloves and black bags to aid in our future clean-up efforts,” Murray stated. “Any contributions would be greatly appreciated and will help us keep our parks clean and safe.”

For more information on volunteering or donating, you can join Waylon Murray’s WhatsApp group at https://chat.whatsapp.com/L0RaU7TfFVC27Q9eAlwOfY.

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