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eThekwini Municipality launches online self-service portal for electricity meter readings

Residents are encouraged to register and make use of the online self-service portal to submit their meter readings to eThekwini.

IN a bid to enhance customer convenience and efficiency, the eThekwini Municipality has introduced an Online Self-Service Portal (OSSP) for electricity meter readings. This initiative aims to simplify the process of submitting meter readings while reducing reliance on estimated consumption.

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The newly launched online portal allows residents to update their electricity meter readings from the comfort of their homes or offices. By utilising this platform, customers can contribute to a more accurate billing process by providing real-time data directly from their meters.

In a statement, the municipality said, “We constantly strive to enhance our services to make your interactive experience with the municipality more convenient and efficient,” stated a representative from eThekwini. “This self-service portal will complement our current meter reading services.”

To use the online portal, customers must check their electricity account to obtain their connection and meter number. Subsequently, they must locate their meter on-site, record the reading and upload it via the online portal. The process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, requiring just a few simple steps to complete.

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“We encourage you to upload your electricity meter reading at least once per month,” the representative emphasised. “Each account has a specific read cycle period during which you must upload your reading to avoid estimates,” the statement read.

Customers will be notified of their read cycle period upon validating their reference connection number (E Number) during the registration process. Failure to upload readings within the specified cycle may result in estimated billing, although these estimates will be based on the last uploaded reading to provide a more accurate reflection of usage.

“We trust that you will enjoy using the online self-service portal, and we encourage you to upload your electricity readings each month.”

The introduction of the Online Self-Service Portal for electricity meter readings signifies the eThekwini Municipality’s commitment to embracing digital solutions for improved service delivery and customer satisfaction. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this convenient tool to contribute to more accurate billing and efficient energy management.

How to upload electricity meter reading

Residents are urged to:

– First obtain your eThekwini municipal account by visiting any of the customer service centres for a printout or visiting Service at https://eservices.durban.gov.za/v2/ to register an online profile and receive an account via email.

– Find your electricity reference number (E Number) on your municipal account. The E number can be found within the electricity section of your account. Insert the reference number and press ‘validate’ and proceed.

– Enter the missing digits of your meter number. Your meter number can be found in the electricity section of your account. The meter number may be a combination of letters and numbers. Insert missing digits to validate your meter number. Upon successfully validating the meter number, the input block will turn green.

– Enter your name, surname and contact details.

– Select the date and enter the reading.

– Complete the Captcha and press ‘submit’.


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