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Montclair resident launches free counselling programme [Video]

Free counselling sessions will be held every Saturday with the first session taking place on November 4, at 191 Wood Road, Woodlands, from 09:00.

AIMING to change the community she lives in by helping residents heal from different types of trauma, counsellor Claudine Thomas is launching Awaken, a free, community-based counselling programme for children, youth and adults in the Montclair community.

Finding her passion in lending support to those who have suffered various types of trauma, Thomas said she always wanted to make a free programme available to help people in her community.

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She also aims to grow the Awaken programme to reach more people.

“I invite the community to come together as we support each other through life’s challenges. The purpose of the sessions is to support families through gender-based violence and emotional, mental, physical and substance abuse.

“We want to restore and rebuild family relationships through healing. Grief can be due to the three main causes, which are death, divorce and relocation. It is a silent killer. When we lose a loved one, we lose a part of us which many of us don’t recover from or understand what happens within us.

“This loss includes estrangement, financial setback, illnesses, self-love, relinquishment and institutional loss. We will unpack all of these topics together during these sessions,” Thomas added.

All support-group sessions will be strictly confidential. Sessions will be held every Saturday. The first session will be held on November 4, at 191 Wood Road, Woodlands, from 09:00.

For more information, contact Claudine Thomas on 079 778 7988.

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