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Vespa equals fun, character and authenticity like no other

It is said that the Vespa saw the light after WW II. Enrico Piaggio started its development. They built the first scooter from spare aircraft parts recovered from Mussolini’s aeroplanes.

We know the Italians for the design of iconic cars, and they have duplicated this skill to build iconic two-wheelers, specifically the Vespa scooter. And although the latter is a bucket list transport medium for many, it is also quite expensive when compared to other available two-wheel brands.

There is, of course, always an alternative to getting your foot in the Vespa door. Tony Pereira of Moover’s provides such in Krugersdorp. The Pereira family’s passion for everything vroom-vroom, and in particular the Vespa, is something to behold.

It is said that the Vespa saw the light after WW II. Enrico Piaggio started its development. They built the first scooter from spare aircraft parts recovered from Mussolini’s aeroplanes. It was designed by Corradino D’Ascanio. It was an immediate success and in 1956, 11 years after they had built the first one, Piaggio sold the millionth unit.

Pereira’s passion for this vibrant and iconic two-wheeler is fuelling the desire of many to own and ride a Vespa. “For many owners, even if they own other bikes, their Vespa then becomes their favourite mode of transport,” he said.

There is even a Vespa with a sidecar.

Pereira is a mechanical engineer who, soon after joining and working in the corporate environment, decided it was just a tad too demanding and non-appreciative of his open-minded creative skills and OCD for meticulous attention to detail. He is a tinkerer by nature. He has been racing and restoring cars ever since he was little. This is thanks to an equally active and competent racing dad who was also an electrical engineer.

“We were forever camping and travelling in vans and required a smaller, lighter, nippy mode of transport which could also be transported in the van. The Vespa proved ideal. But of course, we racers required extra vooma, and this got me tinkering, designing and fine-tuning the engines to the point that we can empower these Vespas to run 0-100km/h in almost six seconds. Not all owners require such a performance, but most require that we sharpen that of their Vespas,” he said.

“Yes, we can challenge the GTi brigade and many big bikes also. So we buy pre-owned 150cc Vespas, restore, fine-tune and refurbish them to become the beasts among scooters – and bikes. We import original engine and body parts and that which we can’t source, we manufacture right here in our well-equipped workshop. And trust me, we can’t keep up. ”

What makes the Vespa such a fun and nippy transport offering?

“Well, firstly it is easy to get 30 kilometres to a litre of fuel. The scooter is nippy and easy to handle in traffic, it is easy to work on and extremely robust. The suspension set-up and centre of gravity render the most comfortable and spectacular riding experience of all bikes. I have even converted a 150 Vespa to an off-road version of itself and it has impressed many a diehard off-roader – including me, myself and I.

“With the gear lever being on the handlebar and a tad of skittish behaviour (because of the smaller wheels), riding a Vespa requires some ‘training’ though. But once you have familiarised yourself with its uniqueness, its naughtiness and the rest, you will fall in love in a way you never thought possible. You learn that – although you can go fast – no rush is more enjoyable or is more important than everything else. The Vespa will capture your soul!” said Pereira.

If you don’t believe this statement, come meet him and you will understand in the best possible way what he is talking about.

The modern 300cc Vespas are outstanding and not as finicky to maintain and ride as the two-stroke 150s, but they are beyond what most budgets can afford.

“We advise you to start off on a refurbished 150 – and allow us to introduce you into the Vespa cult/culture… If you are an avid motorcyclist not inclined to keep up with the Joneses, ride a Vespa. It will provide you with tons of delight – all the time and wherever you ride because it has an authentic soul and more character than most.”

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