Pre-paid water meters a problem

Residents angered by Prepaid water meters.

The installation of pre-paid meters in Pimville homes is proving to be a huge problem as many residents are against their installation.

Following a residents’ march to the councillors’ offices to hand over a memorandum of complaints against prepaid water to Vusi Shongwe Ward 25 councillor and Lizzy Mabaso Ward 22 councillor on November 7, the matter has still not being resolved.

The matter escalated when residents allegedly burnt a construction vehicle that was involved in the installation of the pre-paid meters.

The councillors say public meetings were held and the pre-paid meters were agreed upon.

Mcedisi Dilata, a resident who is against the installation of the meters, says they will continue to fight until they are heard.

Mabaso says these meters are not compulsory and individuals are just using the community to gain popularity.

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