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3 Apr 2017
8:52 am

WATCH: This Beagle has sidesteps that would make Messi blush

Sport Staff

An English regional football league match between Halesowen and Skelmersdale had to be stopped for six minutes after the dog invaded the pitch.

This Beagle has a great turn of speed. Photo: Youtube screengrab.

If you thought Lionel Messi’s dribbling skills were great, then you haven’t a Beagle’s ability to “create magic” on a soccer pitch.

An English regional football game between Halesowen Town and Skelmersdale United at the weekend had to be suspended for a full six minutes after the fleet-footed dog invaded the pitch.

The Beagle dodged several players as they tried to catch him but simply couldn’t.

Eventually, Asa Charlton, a Halesowen defender, managed to catch him.

Halesowen manager John Hill was initially livid over the break in play affecting the rhythm of the game though he lightened up afterwards.

“It may have been really frustrating at the time but it’s all good fun,” he told Express & Star.

And, in an ironic twist, he revealed who the owner of the dog is.

“Asa managed to get the dog off the pitch, and I do believe it was Asa’s family dog.”

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