Sean Van Staden
4 minute read
18 Jul 2021
10:06 am

Athletes must protect their immune systems in Olympic bubble

Sean Van Staden

What factors can athletes control to make sure their immune systems are at their strongest?

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games mascot Miraitowa poses with a display of Olympic Symbol after unveiling ceremony of the symbol on Mt. Takao in Hachioji, west of Tokyo, Japan, April 14, 2021, to mark 100 days before the start of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon/Pool

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is five days away and the excitement is filling the air and social media platforms. No matter what adversity humans face, there is no more special moment in most athletes’ careers than to compete against the very best of the best and to showcase to the world the height of human achievement, superiority and physical advancements. The big elephant in the room is, how is Tokyo going to manage 11 000 Olympics and 4 000 Paralympic athletes from 206 different countries alongside 41 000 coaches, judges and officials? ALSO READ: Covid scare as Olympic athletes test...