Sean Van Staden
5 minute read
25 Jul 2021
8:20 am

How to prevent injuries: It’s crucial you follow the right game-plan

Sean Van Staden

Do you play for a team that is focused on “winning at all costs” or is the coach development focused?

Do you have a training regime that will serve you in the long run, or are quick gains the key focus? Picture: iStock

South Africans are not used to cold weather and because it is so cold, athletes could be tempted not to warm up properly and this could be a big mistake. If you are over 35 years of age, you probably grew up in an era of old school training mentality. In pre-season fitness training your coach made you run around the field aimlessly until you fell over. I even saw this happen at PSL football level before I moved over to the role of strength and conditioning. The only reason this kept happening was that the level of expertise and...