Ken Borland
Sports Journalist
3 minute read
7 May 2022
8:00 am

After Smith debacle, new CSA board have another hot issue to handle

Ken Borland

The problem with automatic promotion-relegation is that it is unlikely that the team coming up will be better than the side going down.

A stadium like Kingsmead could miss out on hosting first division matches if the Dolphins were to get relegated. Picture: Darren Stewart/Gallo Images

Hot on the heels of the new Cricket South Africa board protesting that they inherited the mess that was the Social Justice and Nation-Building hearings, there is a second legacy of the old, disgraced board that may also cause them strife in the coming months. I do have some sympathy for chairman Lawson Naidoo and his fellow directors when they ask with some frustration, in the wake of CSA’s embarrassing arbitration loss to Graeme Smith, “What were we supposed to do?” The fact that SJN ombudsman Dumisa Ntsebeza chose only to make “tentative findings” on “untested evidence”, but was quite...