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27 Jul 2022
3:55 pm

WATCH: Spotted hyenas give Skukuza Golf Course greenskeeper a scare

Sports Reporter

Hyena were spotted over two consecutive days roaming the greens and tee boxes at the Skukuza Golf Course.

A curious hyena on the golf course at Skukuza. Picture: Facebook

We’ve heard of leopard and lion causing a few jitters on the greens and fairways of Skukuza Golf Course in the Kruger National Park and now some spotted hyena have got visitors to the club – and staff – a little concerned.

In a Facebook post that did the rounds on Wednesday, a cackle of spotted hyena show their interest in the golf cart and the morning preparation work being done by greenskeeper Jean.

“Just another day at the wildest golf course in the world,” the post says.

While these visitors came ‘knocking’ on Wednesday morning, there were other – or the same – visitors on Tuesday morning as well. It looks like the hyenas enjoy the early morning sunshine on the tee boxes.

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Spotted hyena are highly social animals, forming large groups called clans or cackles, which range from six to over 100.

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