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Kgosi Modisane
1 minute read
1 Aug 2018
11:56 am

Maboneng is getting a taste of Italy

Kgosi Modisane

New Fox Street eatery Ravioli is set to offer fine Italian dining with a contemporary African twist.

About a month ago, Joburg’s vibrant and trendy tourist destination, Maboneng Precinct saw the opening of a rather interesting fusion eatery.

Restaurateur and entrepreneur aMpho Earnest Masilo decided to shake up the precinct when he saw an opportunity and decided to purchase an old parking basement and renovate it.

The result is Ravioli, which specialises in delicious Italian fare, but also offers a rather large menu for those who prefer something from the grill and seafood. If you’re down with pizza, pasta, insalate and other Italian specials, Ravioli offers a mouth-watering selection. But its rump steak and surf-and-turf menu isn’t to be sniffed at either.

On top of that the menu offers a rather large selection of wines, beers and bespoke cocktails. If you’re an early bird, you can grab breakfast there too.

The knock on Maboneng since it turned into a hipster magnet is that it has gentrified the neighbourhood to the exclusion of the local residents. However, Masilo believes charity beginning at home, and saw fit to employ those who have always dwelled here. They offer fantastic service and their knowledge of the menu and specialties is vast.

Whether in the mood for freshly baked mozzarella pizza or decadent home-made pasta to satisfy your Mediterranean cravings, this young, upmarket restaurant is will to deliver down to the very last bite.